Haritz Harreguy, sound technician.

Haritz Harreguy path in recording studios began in 1993 when he begins to work on the soundstages of Elkar in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa. The experience gained during those years both as a musical production as regards musical recordings has helped him find work every style of music from an analog or digital manner.

In 2000 creates Garate with Kaki Arkarazo Studios. During a period of eight years he was recording and working on productions of artists of great stature. This experience made Haritz Harreguy could narrow your style when working and have clear ideas of how I wanted to do next.

In 2010 Haritz Harreguy and with a broad recordings baggage behind decides to undertake his biggest adventure, the studio creates HiGain. A study where nature blends with art and was designed and acoustically built by engineer Imar Sanmartí of ACOUSTHINK, who has worked with companies like Red Bull Music Academy in the design and construction of several of his studies recording world or art and technology centers such as Zaragoza level.

Today apart from their work in HiGain, his recording studio, working as a technician directly with Ken Zazpi, Passion Vega, Eñaut Elorrieta, …